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Our members tell us Prism Resources helps them stay ahead of the game, gain new skills, land jobs, and explore new hobbies.


With tons of ready-to-rent equipment and newly-added technologies, now you can rent almost anything that comes to mind! Whether you need a phone charger, MacBook, DSLR camera, or more, we've got you covered. Our Member Service Desk is located in LH1014.


Using fob-access technology, our members have exclusive access to our study spaces, computer labs, and collaboration centres.


Training is undoubtedly one of the most powerful advantages our members have. We offer a wide variety of training sessions to provide members with the skills necessary in today's competitive workplace. Prism Resources is the only authorized test centre for globally-recognized certificates in all of the KW Region.


Member experience has always been our top priority and we’re happy to say we’ve received a rating of 4.54/5 from our Member Feedback Survey!

Visit us at our Member Service Desk in Room LH1014! We’re more than happy to answer your questions, help you rent out equipment, or chat!

Because our members said so.

  • My#PRISMStory was the awesome support we got last term when PRISM sponsored the SOS Year End Gala! With their sponsorship, we were able to run an amazing member appreciation event where everyone had a blast and shared their accomplishments from last term! PRISM has contributed to a lot to me here at Laurier and I still have 2 years left where I am 100% going to be using their services again

    Jon Bertulli
    Jon Bertulli #PRISMstory on Facebook
  • "Being a non-sbe student, you wouldn't think I'd be affiliated with Prism. Last minute Mac to hdmi cord came in clutch which gave us a fire bu111 performance. Thanks 🙌👌"

    Jofo Domingo
    Jofo Domingo 3rd Year, Communication Student
  • "As an employee and a customer, PRISM has always been there for me! The training courses have been HUGE in my personal/career based learning, and I can't count the amount of times they've saved me when I've needed a charger/laptop on campus!"

    Rohan Raj
    Rohan Raj Former President
  • Not once have I had a bad experience with PRISM - from their excellent service to valuable crash courses, I definitely owe it to them! #PRISMSTORY

    Ryan Case
    Ryan Case 4th Year, BBA
  • For when I forgot my charger! ‪#‎PRISMSTORY‬
    Zoe Nguyễn
    Zoe Nguyễn #PRISMStory on Facebook
  • Laptop was out of order first week of first year, PRISM blessed me with its presence ‪#‎PRISMSTORY‬

    Anthony Tran
    Anthony Tran 4th Year, BBA