Build your competitive advantage

Applying to co-op positions? Prism offers dedicated training course dates to members in the co-op program that will help you develop skills to improve your resume.


Microsoft Excel

Excel for Co-op: This module introduces students to the basic and advanced functions and formulas using excel calculations while working with workbooks and formatting. 


Jan. 25: 12-5pm (LH2064)

Mar. 28: 10am-3pm (LH2064)

Cost for Non-Member: $30

Certify your skills with a Certiport Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. 

Students can achieve a MOS certification with Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

We recommend members complete all of our relevant courses before attempting the exam. For more details, please contact the MSR desk.

Cost for Non-Member: $150


Bloomberg Analytics Certification: This module provides an overview of navigating Bloomberg. NOTE: You must write an exam after taking this course to obtain a certification.


Jan. 18: 10am-3pm (LH1015)

Jan. 26: 10am-3pm (LH1015)

Feb. 9: 10am-3pm (LH1015)

Mar. 15: 4-9pm (LH1015)

Cost for Non-Member: $80

What You Will Learn:
  • Introduction to Bloomberg
  • Intro to Financial Derivatives
  • Excel for Bloomberg: Downloading historical data
  • Intro to Equity Market Analysis
  • Intro to Fixed Income Analysis
Marketing and Sales

Salesforce:  This course is designed to provide an overview of the widely-used customer relationship management (CRM) software and teaches you to perform the common functions you would use in the workplace. It will also introduce you to trailhead training modules and provide you with the resources necessary to take you from beginner to expert.


Mar. 6: 3-6pm (LH1015)

Mar. 15: 9:30am-12:30pm (LH1015)

Nielsen Crash Course:  A 6 hour course that introduces students to MarketTrack and Answers Desktop, understanding the “why” behind Nielsen Data as well as promotional and pricing data. This course combines all three Nielsen modules to allow students to receive their certification at the end.


Feb. 9 – 3-8pm (LH1015)

Cost for Non-Member: $80

What You Will Learn:
  • Nielsen Analytics – Module 1
  • Nielsen Analytics – Module 2
  • Nielsen Analytics – Module 3

Certify your skills with a Certification from Nielsen. 

Students can earn a certification directly from Nielsen by completing all of the Nielsen modules (or the crash course).

For more details, please contact the MSR desk.


Audit Crash Course: This course will give students a quick crash course of an Audit commencing from the planning stages to the completion of an Audit. Students will also receive tips on how to get a job at a PA firm and get to learn what it is like to work for an PA firm. This course will provide a brief introduction to the Caseware Working Papers software to students and allow students to perform basic audit procedures frequently done at PA firms.


Jan. 26: 3-7pm (LH1015)

Mar. 27: 3-7pm (LH1015)

Quickbooks Crash Course: Enhance your Quickbooks skills by attending this training session offered by PRISM.


Feb. 29: 10am-2pm (LH1015)

Mar. 8: 10am-2pm (LH1015)

Excel VBA and Coding

VBA Crash Course: Learn to automate database tasks and record a macro with Microsoft VBA. It is highly recommended that you have taken Excel Advanced I or had equivalent experience prior to taking this course.


Jan. 17: 3-8pm (LH2066)

Cost for Non-Member: $60

Python and SQL: Learn the basics of programming with one of the most flexible and popular programming languages. You will learn how to communicate with a relational database in Microsoft Access. AQL will teach you to manipulate databases in order to analyze data effectively. By the end of the course, you will be able to use SQL to achieve many of the results found in the Microsoft Access course.With the advent of big data, SQL is becoming the most sought after programming language for companies looking to hire.


Mar. 18: 5-9pm (LH1015)

Mar. 25: 5-9pm (LH1015)

Cost for Non-Member: $60