Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things can I rent from PRISM?
  • Click here to see what equipment PRISM offers.
What is the PRISM Portal, and what do I use it for?
  • The Prism Portal is where members can sign up for courses, renew their rentals (before 3:00pm of the due date), keep track of their outstanding rentals, and see past/upcoming courses they’ve registered for.
    *UPDATE: Our Prism Portal is currently under maintenance and only accessible using campus WiFi
My swipe access isn’t working, what do I do?
  • If you try to use your One Card to swipe into LH1014 or LH1015 and it doesn’t work, please email support@prismresources.ca with your student ID, or simply knock on the door of LH1014 and ask one of our Member Service Representatives to resolve the issue for you.
How do I opt-out of Prism’s services?
How do I opt-in to become a member?
  • Any Laurier-based student can opt-in to Prism for $65 a semester. Simply come to our member service desk in room LH1014 during our hours of operation and be prepared to pay the membership fee using debit or credit.
When does hiring take place for Prism?
  • Prism hiring generally starts in the third month of each academic term for the upcoming academic terms. Like our Facebook page to get updates in your news feed during hiring season, and visit our Jobs page to view open positions.
Is working at Prism a job or volunteer position?
  • Working at Prism is a part-time PAID position. If you are interested in joining our awesome team, like our Facebook page to be the first to know about hiring, or visit our Jobs page to view open positions.
  • If you have a more specific question about employment at Prism, please email us at hr@prismresources.ca
What services are included in my Prism membership?
Who is a Prism member?
  • Full-time students of the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics are automatically opted into Prism each semester. Your Prism membership is in effect from the first day of classes until the last of exams.
What are the hours of operation for the Member Service Desk?

Fall & Winter Term: 
Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Closed on Weekends

Fall & Winter Exam Hours: 
Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 4 PM
Closed on Weekends

Spring Term: 
Monday – Fri: 10AM – 4PM
Closed on Weekends

Spring Exam Hours: 
Monday – Fri: 10AM – 4PM
Closed on Weekends

The desk is closed in between semesters.


I am unable to log into my Prism Portal Account, what do I do?
  • Please verify that you are a Prism member this semester and paid the Prism fee on your LORIS invoice. If you have paid the fee and are still unable to access the Prism Portal using campus WiFi, please visit our Member Service Desk in LH1014 or email support@prismresources.ca.
Why do I have to pay a fine if I already paid the membership fee?
  • As mentioned, we have more members than equipment and in order to ensure that all our members have equal access to rentals, our fine policy exists to ensure that rental timelines are followed.
When am I able to access the lab?
  • If you are a Prism member, you are able to access the Finance Lab (LH1015) when the university is open and when there are no courses being run in the lab.
Which labs do I get access to with my membership?
  • With your membership you receive access to LH1015 (our Finance Lab) and LH1014 (our Member Service Desk, which is equipped with computers and desk space for members to use).
How many items can I rent at once?
  • You are permitted to rent one item of each type at a time. Prism rentals are intended for members’ personal use only.
How long am I able to rent out equipment?
  • The rental period for a laptop and charger is 7 days.
  • The rental period for a camera and accessories is 4 days.
  • All rentals are due before 3:00pm on their due date
  • One renewal grants you another rental period as long you do so before 3:00pm on the due date.
  • After returning equipment, there is a 24 hour waiting period before members are able to rent that specific item again. However, if available, another item may be rented immediately.
What happens if I can’t return my equipment on time?
  • You will be charged a $5 fine per day per item that it is late.
  • For example, if you have rented two items that are due back on the same day, you will be charged $5 for each item, resulting in a $10 late fine if you returned it the day after it was due, $20 late fine for two days after it was due, and so on.
I have a late fine – how do I pay it?
  • Late fines are paid at the Member Service Desk through debit or credit. Members cannot rent equipment or register for courses until all fines are paid. If a fine goes unpaid for an unreasonable amount of time, a hold may be placed on your LORIS account.
How do I renew my equipment online?
  • Log into your Prism Portal account > Select My Profile (top right) > Select the Rentals tab that is adjacent to the Member Info tab > Select ‘Renew’ under Actions. Remember: you must renew equipment prior to 3:00pm on the due date, otherwise the rental is considered late and the option to renew will disappear. Only one renewal per rental is permitted. The Prism Portal is only accessible through Laurier wifi (eduroam or laurierwifi).
  • If you are unable to access the Prism Portal, please visit our Member Service Desk in LH1014 to renew your item before 3:00pm on the due date.
If Prism is closed, how can I return my equipment?
  • Fortunately, we have a Return Locker located in room LH1014 that members can use to return equipment. This box will be emptied daily.
What if I lose or damage equipment?
  • If equipment is lost or damaged, members are responsible for notifying the Member Service Desk. Situations are handled based on individual case scenarios. If the cause of damage or loss is negligence on part of the member, they will be responsible for paying up to 100% of the equipment’s purchase price.
Why can’t I rent something for a month or the entire semester?
  • Simply put, we have a lot more members than assets. We do our best to juggle the supply and demand in order to equitably share Prism assets across the entire member base. An example of this is the rental timelines we’ve implemented and the ability to renew an item for only one additional rental period. This allows all of our assets to be distributed evenly among our members, and we monitor usage trends to make additions to our rental fleet on a sustainable basis.
Why am I unable to keep items rented out between semesters?
  • Prism membership is only in effect from the first day of classes until the last day of exams. All equipment must be returned for maintenance and inventory validation, which is completed over the break between semesters. Holding onto equipment between semesters will result in a non-compliance fine.
How much does a training course cost?

Training courses are free for Prism members. For non-members, the fee structure is as follows:

  • Certiport Exams are $150
  • Bloomberg Analytics & Nielsen Crash Courses are $80
  • Excel Crash Courses are $60
  • All other courses currently offered are $30 each.
Can I take the training courses over the summer or while I’m on co-op?
  • You can take our courses as long as you are opted-in to our membership, or pay the non-member course fees (see above). If you are not a full time student taking at least 4 courses during the summer/co-op term, come to our MSR Desk to opt-in for the semester by paying $65.
How many courses am I allowed to take?
  • Prism members are able to take an unlimited amount of courses in a term.
  • Non-members are able to take as many courses as they wish, but will be required to pay the non-member course fee for each course.
Which Breaking Into Wall Street course should I take?
  • Breaking Into Wall Street will provide value to students pursuing a career in finance. The Excel and Financial Modelling course is the recommended starting point. We have subsidized the cost for the following modules for Prism members: Excel Fundamentals and Advanced Modelling. For more information, please visit Breaking Into Wall Street’s website here.
What subscription courses do you offer and at what cost?
  • Click here to check out our subscription courses and details.
Does signing up for a training course mean I have to attend weekly sessions?
  • No. Signing up for a training course means that a student only attends the course that they have been registered in at the chosen time slot.
  • Prism offers industry software training (e.g. Microsoft, Nielsen, etc.) that contains multiple sessions that are optional.
    • These sessions are offered to build off of one another or appeal to students of different skill levels.
  • In most cases, students take all the sessions within an industry software if they are interested in the software or to obtain a certification for the software.