Anya Sachedina

Salesforce Instructor

Feel the fear and do it anyway.


Anya Sachedina

About Anya

I am in my third year of the BBA program. I recently finished my first Co-op term in Toronto as a Sales Intern at eSight Eyewear, a tech start-up that manufactures and distributes a sight-enhancing medical device for the visually impaired. In this role, I conducted primary research on the organizations customer base, analyzed customer profiles, and presented my findings as part of a customer engagement project. I worked heavily with Salesforce to perform daily tasks, and collaborated with various teams across the organization. I am also bilingual and pursuing a minor in French. A fun fact about me is that I love rollercoasters, and I've been on the fastest roller coaster in the world located in Dubai's Ferrari World!

Course Details & Tips

I teach the Salesforce course. Salesforce is a customer-relationship management software that enables businesses to connect with customers across sales, marketing, and customer service. As Salesforce is rapidly being implemented into various businesses and is a relatively new software, students interested in Sales, Marketing or Customer Success will benefit from this course as it will set them apart from others and provide them with relevant knowledge that is transferrable to the workplace.