Narayan Subramoniam

Microsoft Instructor

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Narayan Subramoniam

About Narayan

I'm a 3rd year BBA/BMath (UW) Double Degree student with an expected Statistics major on the UW side. I've been involved in Enactus as their Business Development Specialist and various sponsorship roles at clubs across both universities. I have extensive experience in volunteering and managing a Food Bank, and am very interested in learning more about everything related to food-systems and their societal impact.I've done one co-op so far at SodaStream (now a PepsiCo brand!) as a Sales Analyst--I'd love to answer questions about the role or the company!

Course Details & Tips

I teach all things Microsoft at Prism! This includes Excel 1 and Excel 2, Intro to Word, PowerPoint, and Intro to Access(!).Why you should take the Excel Courses: I've yet to find a software that's more in use at businesses than Excel. It's used for quick calculations, quantitative communications, and even as databases in small businesses. You may already know some basic functions in Excel but taking these courses and getting certified communicates to employers that you went the extra mile to stand apart. It's how I got my first co-op!Why you should take the Access Course: If working as an Analyst, Data Scientist, or  Data [insert role] sounds like a fit--you need to know Access. It may not be the most powerful database application, but it's a good one to get your feet wet with. You'll learn the basics of navigating Access, creating queries, and good database management practices.