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Vincent Vigal

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3rd Year Economics and Financial Management StudentBank of Canada Governor's Challenge Laurier ParticipantVice President of Academics & Economic Research for LECAn international student from Qatar, lived in Dubai and the Philippines, and been to Singapore and Hong Kong. An avid traveler! An Economic Geek so feel free to chat with me about anything economics-related!Fun Fact: I love snow. It's simply the best thing in the worl

Course Details & Tips

STATA Courses:The STATA courses available help introduce and guide you through the different functions available to you in this software that will help you visualize, summarize, and analyze datasets. The tools you acquire from these courses will help you succeed in your Economic courses such as EC 285 and EC 295. They will prove to be useful in your later years as well as when you graduate and enter the workforce, looking to find an economics/research related role.In these courses, the interface of STATA will be explored, different command and functions to analyze and interpret data will be taught, as well as how to manipulate and clean up data to be used for analysis. We will go in-depth into a mixture of statistics and econometrics concepts and how this can be produced in STATA and how to be able to interpret and analyze these results for further use.All-in-all, it's an amazing course where you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. May you be interested in Economics, Statistics, or general research, this course will elevate your skillset and prepare you to succeed at your role and studies. I hope to see you in the next session!