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Breaking Into Wall Street

Breaking Into Wall Street is the leading provider of dedicated online training for aspiring investment bankers and ambitious professionals who want to master it as quickly as possible.

The material is different because it’s based on real companies and real deals – not boring textbook theory.

Rather than just “watching” the lessons, you become an active participant by following the proprietary B.A.S.E.S. learning methodology – so you master the material in short order.

Modules Currently Available:

  • Excel and Financial Modelling – $50
  • Advanced Modelling – $50

You also benefit from certifications on all our modeling courses, lifetime access and updates, 365-days-per-year expert support, and an active community of tens of thousands of peers to enhance your results.

Excel and Financial Modelling Fundamentals 

    1. Introductory Excel Lessons: include how to set up Excel properly, navigation, data manipulation, formatting, printing, and key formulas used in finance.
    2. Accounting Fundamentals Lessons: teach you how to how to answer interview questions, build a 3-statement model, and balance a balance sheet.
    3. Financial Modeling Lessons cover Accounting 101 up through 3-Statement Models, Valuation, DCF Analysis, Merger Models, and LBO Models.
    4. Merger Model Lessons: cover accretion / dilution, synergies, pro-forma balance sheet adjustments, and sensitivity tables.
    5. LBO Model Lessons: teach you both a basic model and a more advanced model with all 3 statements, pro-forma balance sheet, and debt schedules with 6 tranches of debt (Revolver to Mezzanine).


Advanced Financial Modelling 

    1. Advanced Operating Model Lessons: teach you how to create a detailed 3-statement model, including revenue and expense builds, noncontrolling interests and equity investments, PP&E schedules, deferred taxes, and quarterly projections.
    2. Advanced Valuation Lessons: cover how to spread comps, adjust for non-recurring charges, calendarize financials, how to value NOLs and equity investments, and how to complete a DCF analysis including mid-year discounts and stub periods; you’ll also learn future share price analysis, sum-of-the-parts valuation, and liquidation valuation.
    3. Advanced Merger Model: teaches you multiple transaction scenarios, advanced purchase price allocation, how to calculate revenue and expense synergies by segment, and book vs. cash taxes and Section 382 NOLs.
    4. Advanced LBO Model: covers how to change an operating model into an LBO model and how to incorporate seven debt tranches and multiple capital structure scenarios, plus an advanced debt schedule with mandatory and optional repayments.


Moody’s Analytics Canadian Security Courses

The Canadian Securities Course

Course Length: 135-200 hours

Cost for non-member: $1375 value pack, $1099 hard copy, $999 pdf

Prism members receive a 10% discount off the above price.

Description: The Canadian Securities Course aims to provide a general understanding of the finance and securities industry. After taking this course you’ll have the skills to make smart investment decisions and provide better financial advice. This course is a great introduction to the finance industry.

What you will learn:

  • The Canadian securities industry and the regulatory environment
  • Market and economic events impacting investment performance
  • Understanding and analyzing corporate financial statements
  • Financial instruments: fixed income, equities, derivatives, managed products, and structured products
  • Company, industry and market performance/analysis
  • The portfolio management process and asset allocation
  • Setting financial goals and the financial planning process
  • Fee-based accounts and taxation
  • Ethics and industry standards of conduct
  • The institutional marketplace

Investment Funds in Canada

Course Length: 90-140 hours

Cost for non-member: $625 for the value pack, $425 hard copy, $385 pdf

Prism members receive a 10% discount off the above price.

Description: The Investment Funds in Canada (IFC) provides foundational knowledge that prepares Advisors to give effective advice to clients on mutual fund investments based on a client’s objectives, timeline and risk tolerance. It also provides greater insight into a mutual fund representative’s legal, ethical and professional responsibilities.

What you will learn:

  • The financial markets and mutual fund industry
  • Your role as a mutual fund sales representative
  • The importance of the “Know your client” rule and how to apply it
  • Analyzing the risk-return relationship of investments
  • Explain the process of creating and managing investment portfolios that meets client’s needs
  • The different types of mutual funds
  • The function of exchanges and clearinghouses
  • Assessing mutual funds performance and fee structure

Derivative Fundamentals Course

Course Length: 60-90 hours

Cost for non-member: $830 pdf, $905 hard copy

Prism members receive a 10% discount off the above price.

Description: The Derivatives Fundamentals Course (DFC) introduces you to the complex world of forwards, futures, swaps and options. Learn about the derivatives market from both a risk management and a trading perspective and jumpstart your career in this exciting market.

What you will learn:

  • Derivatives what they are, types, where they trade, etc.
  • Key differences between exchange-traded and over-the-counter products
  • Exchange-traded options, pricing, hedging, speculating
  • OTC options like caps, floors, collars and exotics
  • Swaps including basic features, role of the swap dealer, and types
  • How investment funds and structured products use derivatives
  • The function of exchanges and clearinghouses
  • Futures contracts (basic features, types pricing, hedging, speculating)
  • OTC forwards and other futures contracts
  • The inherent risks and the need for understanding, objectives, and controls

Personal Financial Services Advice

Course Length: 50-70 hours

Cost for non-member: $715 hard copy, $640 ebook

Prism members receive a 10% discount off the above price.

Description: The Personal Financial Services Advice (PFSA) course is designed to help you confidently deliver the right advice to your clients based on their individual needs. You’ll improve your communications skills, build stronger, more profitable relationships and ultimately, grow your client-base. What’s more, completing the PFSA puts you one step closer to earning the Personal Financial Planner (PFP) designation and Certificate in Financial Services Advice – CSI’s industry-leading credentials.

What you will learn:

  • About the mutual funds industry