On this page you can find great sources to go further with information attained through PRISM’s training courses. From finance to marketing, there is always more to learn and we want to help connect you to the next steps in furthering your education.

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop can be used for more purposes than we may think. Different aspects like logo design, building fonts, vector image creation and even 3D design, are all possible with the vast features offered through the application. Click here to find 70 tutorials from basic to advanced Photoshop skills that teach you the essentials and hidden aspects to enhance your graphic design abilities.

Microsoft Excel

Continue to practice your Excel skills and learn some great new uses by visiting Wiziq!

Next steps to Python Coding - Raspberry Pi

Once you’ve taken the Python course and gained exposure, you can take things further and learn Raspberry pi. Raspberry Pi is a small credit card sized computer that can be used to code Python and other languages.

For tutorials on using Raspberry Pi, click here.

For more uses of Raspberry Pi, click here.

Excel VBA Tutorials

A great use of Microsoft Excel is the VBA programming language used within the software.
Click here for online tutorials that provide basic to in-depth lessons on VBA.