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Welcome to Prism Resources. We're a technology and online training provider run by the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics. We look to aid in the development of students online through technology rentals, training courses and more.

LSBE students are automatically opted-in, check your LORIS invoice to see if you are already a member.

1. Free (yes free) training

Each term we offer a wide array of training courses ranging from our popular Bloomberg offerings, Salesforce, Stata, Python, PHP and more. Our instructors have the experience they need to answer your questions beyond the course and offer you the ability to certify on a number of our course's platforms.

This is perfect for adding new items to your resume, being more knowledgable in your coop position, or explore a new opportunity within your academic career.

2. The Training Lab...💻

We have a stunning training lab and workspace in Lazhall beside Byte Coffee on the main level of the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics.

Because of COVID-19, we are following all Laurier policies and as a result, we cannot offer the training lab at this time. We will let you know when it is open to student use as soon as we can.

3. Gadgets & Gizmos

Laptop broken? Don't want to pay for Adobe? Need a charger for your Macbook or Microsoft device? We've got you covered. Drop into the Prism Office beside our training lab in Lazaridis Hall and get what you need when you need it.

Because of COVID-19, we're still offering our rental fleet to members but will be delivering items to select members with certain circumstances. Students can reserve their items online and pickup later with safety practises in mind.

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Deciding not to opt-into your Prism Resources membership means you won't be given access to Prism Resources or what we offer.

  • No access to our training courses
  • Technical assistance and view items from our member services team
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Membership allows you to access everything we offer and more. As members, we're here to support your educational needs and you are given access to everything we offer.

  • Access to all training courses
  • Access to the Prism Lab (as permitted by Laurier)
  • Access to our rental fleet
  • Access to the Members Services
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IMPORTANT: If you have "Prism Resources" on your MyLearningSpace account, you are already opted-in and do not need to purchase a membership.

To access the Prism Resources MyLS page, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we get asked frequently. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our Member Services team for additional support.

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Does signing up for a training course mean I have to attend weekly sessions?
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What if I lose or damage equipment?
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I have a late fine - how do I pay it?
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How long am I able to rent out equipment?
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What happens if I can't return my equipment on time?
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Why am I unable to keep items rented out between semesters?
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How many courses am I allowed to take?
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Can I take the training courses over the summer or while I'm on co-op?
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Why can't I rent something for a month or the entire semester?
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Why do I have to pay a fine if I already paid the membership fee?
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If Prism is closed, how can I return my equipment?
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How do I renew my equipment online?

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Our members mean everything to us. See what previous members have said about Prism Resources, our services and how they used Prism to their advantage.

"Amazing services"

"Always get amazing service from Prism from rentals to courses!"

Laura Wang, Former Member

"Goes out of their way"

"I love that we have an organization like PRISM Resources that goes out of its way to make life easier for students!Thank you for feeding me through this exam season, thank you for having my back throughout university. Thank you for the gift cards Prism! You guys rock, never change!"

Areeji Hussain, Former Member

"Recommend the courses"

"My experience with Prism has always been wonderful. Definitely recommend the courses they offer."

Alex Mac, Former Member

Meet The Team

Prism Resources is operated by students just like you. Take a look at our management team, training team, member services team and marketing team members.

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Our Instructors

Chandra Keerthi

VBA & Coding Instructor

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Justin McKenzie

Training Manager & Bloomberg Instructor

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Vincent Vigal

Statistics Instructor

AMBITION - "Aspire to Climb as High as you can Dream"