Broken laptop? Forget your charger? Prism has you covered! Our Member Service Desk in LH1014 has ready-to-rent equipment from DSLR Cameras to iClickers and MacBooks.


Using one-card technology, access the CI Financial Finance lab, complete with state-of-the-art Bloomberg terminals where members have access to real-time financial market data and analytics. Don't know where to study? Members have VIP access to the LH1014 study space.


• We offer a variety of training sessions and certifications, such as: - Nielsen Analytics - Bloomberg - Microsoft Excel - Certiport Certified Examination Sessions. Sign up for courses to gain the skills necessary for success in today’s competitive workplace.



Hear from professors and students about the benefits of being a Prism Member!

  • PRISM offers value in so many ways that a student can use.  In addition to the critical role of “emergency services” (ie temporarily replacing a broken computer) the courses on business-critical tools such as excel and getting Bloomberg training at such low prices is something that students won’t find anywhere else.  I have discovered that the students that know how to use tech tools most effectively and efficiently have gone through PRISM training.

    Sofy Carayannopoulos
    Sofy Carayannopoulos Business Professor
  • Having previously worked in recruitment, I have seen how valuable software skills are to employers. The tools Prism provides to its members allow them to find their passion and become leaders of tomorrow.

    Jennifer Komar
    Jennifer Komar Organizational Behaviour Professor
  • "As an employee and a customer, PRISM has always been there for me! The training courses have been HUGE in my personal/career based learning, and I can't count the amount of times they've saved me when I've needed a charger/laptop on campus!"

    Rohan Raj
    Rohan Raj Former President
  • Technical courses like BU275 (Business Decision Models) expect you to be proficient in Excel when you show up; there is little time given in class to learn the basics. Prism’s Excel Courses will give you the foundation you need to support your groupmates and succeed in the course.

    David Wheatley
    David Wheatley Business Professor
  • I continue to be incredibly impressed with all of the services PRISM offers to business and economics students at the Lazaridis School.  This is an organization run by students for students which means the services (such as equipment rentals) and training courses (such as Bloomberg and Nielsen) are tailored specifically to the evolving needs of students, giving them an edge in the increasingly competitive job market.   There is nothing like this at any other university in Canada!

    Karin Schnarr
    Karin Schnarr BBA Professor
  • For when I forgot my charger! ‪#‎PRISMSTORY‬
    Zoe Nguyễn
    Zoe Nguyễn #PRISMStory on Facebook
  • PRISM is a student managed non-profit organization that offers computer hardware rentals and training in niche data driven skills such as Bloomberg (Finance), Nielsen ( Marketing), Audit and QuickBooks ( Accounting), and Stata, R, Python, Visual Basic, Advanced Excel- VBA , Microsoft Office,  SQL and web design (computing). All the PRISM services are offered for a value price that is at a fractional cost compared to the costs outside. I therefore strongly endorse the PRISM membership for its high quality services being offered at a value price by a team of extremely dedicated and bright students with utmost professionalism

    Madhu Kalimipalli
    Madhu Kalimipalli Business Professor