To help our members better navigate our course offerings, we divide our programming into Training Pathways. These pathways are designed to help our members understand which courses will best help them on their career path, and the order in which they should take those courses.

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Training Pathways

A graphic displaying the 2 potential pathways you can take within the Finance Training pathway (IB/Equity Research path and the Sales&Trading path), and what Prism courses are included within them.

Do you want to pursue a career in finance? The Finance Training Pathway will provide you with specialized training in Investment Banking and Equity Research or in Sales and Trading. To specialize in either sub-pathway, you must receive foundational excel training through Prism’s Excel 1 and 2 courses.

This Investment Banking/Equity Research sub-pathway will begin with either the Bloomberg Analytics Certification (BAC) or Introduction to Equity Research. The BAC will allow you to navigate financial data through Bloomberg and will have an exam which will give you acertificate upon passing. The Equity Research courses will teach you finance fundamentals: Financial modelling, understanding value drivers, and much more. You will then be taught Introduction to Financial Modelling and Valuation modules. In these classes, you will build an operating model for a publicly traded company and learn how to perform a discounted cash flow (DCF. Finally, we highly recommend you to supplement your learning through *Breaking into Wall Street. This course contains modules used by Investment Banks and Asset Management firms globally to train their employees on Excel and advanced financial modelling.

Sales & Trading (S&T) is the division of an investment bank that buys and sells financial instruments (equities, fixed income securities, and structured products), and also underwrites some structured products such as Asset Backed Securities. As a career, this is well-suited for students who are highly analytical and enjoy working in an extremely fast-paced environment.

The Sales & Trading Pathway offered by Prism begins with the Fixed Income Analysis and Options, Futures, and Derivatives modules to give you deep insight into financial instruments most prevalent within S&T. Next, you will be given an Introduction to Coding and taught VBA. Due to the industry’s shift towards automation, many employers are looking for candidates who have experience in languages such as Python and VBA. These courses will provide you with high-level knowledge of both languages and will help you develop the necessary technical foundation to enter the industry.

Finally, we recommend that you supplement your learning through LinkedIn Learning – A free resource with a vast library of online courses. The algorithmic (algo) trading courses offered on the platform will teach you the basics of algo trading, how to build a financial database,
and much more!

*Prism members receive an exclusive discount.
**Free resources

Data Analytics
A graphic displaying the Prism courses included within our Data Analytics training pathway.

Are you interested in working in one of the fastest growing industries in the world? The Data Analytics Training Pathway is designed to teach you how to work with big data and give you a head start in pursuing a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer role.

The pathway begins with an introduction to SQL – the industry-standard software for accessing databases. In this module, you will learn how databases are structured via Microsoft Access and receive an overview of database management software such as MySQL and Oracle. You will then learn basic SQL syntax and the most important functions to begin creating functional SQL statements for data retrieval and table manipulation.

First, you will be introduced to programming via Python – the most common coding language in data analytics. Next, you will learn the fundamentals of programming: variables, conditions, and loops. You will then learn a statistics programming language – R or Stata. Learning R or Stata will allow you to understand the math and statistics concepts within data analytics which will help you summarize and analyze large data sets with ease.

The final module in this pathway is Tableau – a popular data visualization tool with an easy-to-use interface. Tableau is a software staple in the Business Intelligence industry and does not require previous experience with programming. In this module, you will leverage visual analytics by interacting with data sets to produce a quick visual summary on a dashboard.

After completing the core modules of this training pathway, we encourage you to supplement your learning with LinkedIn Learning – a free online resource – and pursue Advanced Analytics courses on their web-platform.

**Free resources

A graphic displaying the Prism courses included within our Accounting/Audit training pathway.

Looking to pursue a career in the accounting or audit industry? The Accounting & Audit Training Pathway will allow you to develop in-depth knowledge of foundational software used in the accounting and audit industry. The pathway begins with Prism Resources’ Microsoft Excel 1 and 2 courses, which will allow you to develop crucial skills necessary for a career in accounting and audit, including: Vlookup, pivot tables, If statements, conditional formatting, advanced formulas, spreadsheet protection, and more. Gaining proficiency in Microsoft Excel will allow you to comfortably prepare and analyze financial statements, balance sheets, and import/export financial documents from excel-supported accounting software.

In Quickbooks 1 and 2 you will be given exposure to how financial transactions are carried out and recorded within small businesses. You will learn how to set up your own company and conduct accounting transactions such as creating bank accounts, recording journal entries, exporting reports to Excel, and managing company taxes. To better enhance your understanding of the audit industry, Prism’s Audit 1 and 2 courses will be included as the final courses in this pathway. Audit 1 will cover key concepts within the audit industry, such as how an audit is conducted from the planning stage to the completion stage, and also highlight some careers within public accounting firms. Audit 2 will introduce Caseware Working Papers – an audit and assurance tool used in the private sector by firms such as BDO. Finally, we highly recommend that you sign up to attend BDO’s in-house session on Caseware Working Papers – exclusive to Prism members – to learn from and directly network with BDO professionals.

A graphic displaying the Prism courses included within our Marketing Training pathway, either through the Analytics or the Design pathway.

Do you want to gain skills that employers in the marketing industry are looking for? The Marketing Training Pathway is designed to teach key industry software to students interested in pursuing marketing as a career. This pathway contains two sub-pathways: An analytics path and a design path. The analytics path will introduce you to marketing analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and data visualization. The design path will teach you how to navigate Adobe for graphic design purposes.

In the analytics path, you will first enroll in Nielsen Crash Course and improve your understanding of marketing analytics by analyzing and managing item level data using data from Nielsen’s MarketTrack Database. In the Salesforce module, you will learn how to use cloud technology to track valuable information about a company’s clients with the aim of growing its customer base. The final module in this pathway is Tableau – a data visualization tool used in Business Intelligence. The tableau module will teach you how to convert raw data into meaningful charts, graphs, and maps that display trends, outliers, and patterns with clarity. Finally, to add to your learning past the classroom, Prism Resources offers a discount to its members on SAS – a software
used for advanced analytics.

If you select the design path, you will be enrolled in Graphic Design 101. First, you will learn to utilize Adobe Photoshop CC to edit and enhance pictures by working with layers, filters, and tools such as clone stamp. The Adobe Illustrator CC module will introduce basic and advanced techniques to design business cards, logos, and more. Finally, the Adobe InDesign CC module of this pathway will teach you how to design appealing posters, presentations, and professional reports. To complete this pathway, we recommend signing up for the Business Card Workshop where you can design your own business card and receive 50 printed copies for free!

A graphic displaying the Prism courses included within our Consulting Training pathway, through either a Management Consulting path or the Financial Consulting path.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the consulting industry, Prism’s Consulting Training Pathway will provide you with in-depth training in software widely used in consulting. From creating a market entry model to designing pivot tables, Excel is used extensively in consulting – it is mandatory to become proficient at using it. This is why we strongly recommend you to enroll in Prism’s Excel modules where you will be introduced to concepts such as basic to advanced calculations, vlookup, interactive tables, pivot tables, and much more. Following Excel training, you can branch off in two directions: A Management Consulting Path, or a Financial Consulting Path.

The Management Consulting Path consists of Salesforce – a popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool used to organize firms’ customer relations. you will learn the basics of CRM and how it is being employed within corporate environments today. You will then set up your own Salesforce account and learn how to organize data, manage leads, and eciently manage clients’ accounts.

If you opt for the Financial Consulting Pathway, you will be enrolled in Prism’s Finance Training Pathway. Here, you will learn the essential skills necessary for a career in financial consulting including: Analyzing the global Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) market, conducting fundamental analysis, and analyze firms’ IPOs. See Prism’s Finance Training Pathway for more details.